Industrial & Commercial Development

Tentative and Final Maps, Slope Analysis, Grading, Drainage, street and utilities design, and surveying/construction staking for new industrial/ commercial subdivisions and expansion projects.

Planning Phase Services

  • Topographic base mapping
  • Slope Analysis/Slope Density Calculations.
  • Tentative Map preparation, including proposed lots and right-of-way, preliminary grading and drainage, preliminary layout of utilities, and proposed access (including emergency/fire access).
  • For addition/expansion projects or new industrial/commercial construction projects on previously-subdivided lots, site plan preparation specific to the development permit(s) required.
  • Preliminary Water Quality Management Plan (P-WQMP)
  • Preliminary Hydrology & Hydraulics Study
  • Coordination with planning/environmental firms to assist them in addressing environmental impact issues and prepare Negative Declaration, Initial Study (IS), or Environmental Impact Report (EIR) documents, as required.
  • Coordination with local agencies, including design review meeting attendance.

Design Phase Services

  • Final Local agency approval and permitting generally requires the preparation of all improvement plans and final design documents, which typically include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Final Map preparation, preparation of any associated easement and/or right-of-way dedications, street vacations, access agreements, and other legal documents for recordation with the County.
  • Improvement plans preparation, including precise grading and drainage, Hydrology & Hydraulics Study, utility plans (water, sewer, storm, etc.), street improvement plans, lighting plans, erosion control plans, and detail sheets.
  • Final Water Quality Management Plan (F-WQMP) preparation and identification of proposed post-construction Site Design, Source Control, and Treatment Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) in accordance with agency requirements.
  • Preparation of construction cost estimates.

Construction Phase & Post-Construction Services

  • Construction staking (for slopes and drainage improvements, street curb and gutter, all on-site/off-site "wet" and "dry" utilities, etc.) and the preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and associated Best Management Practices (BMPs) for construction activities.
  • California Civil Design Group, Inc. also provides revisions to improvement plans as-needed based on changes made by contractors in the field. Post-construction services include "as-built" surveys and the subsequent preparation of "as-built" plans to be filed with local agencies.