Surveying & Mapping

Topographic and boundary surveys, aerial control, Tentative and Final Tract and Parcel Map preparation, lot line adjustments, lot merges, and other legal documents.

Survey Control Networks

Sophisticated control networks are established by California Civil Design Group, Inc. to “tie down” a property and provide the backbone for all subsequent survey activities.

Topographic Surveys

California Civil Design Group, Inc uses conventional equipment to construct topographic maps illustrating the existing characteristics of a site, including topographic contours, natural features, vegetation and trees, buildings, roadways, utilities, and associated elevation and attribute data. These topographic surveys provide the basis for all subsequent project site design and engineering.

Boundary Surveys & Records of Survey

A Boundary Survey is developed to physically locate a client’s deed on the ground. If the property has been previously surveyed, California Civil Design Group, Inc. retraces the survey, finds existing monuments (property corners) and/or replaces missing monuments, and provides a map of the survey. If the property has not been surveyed previously, California Civil Design Group, Inc. establishes property corners and prepares/files a Record of Survey with the appropriate county.

Design Surveys

Design Surveys are prepared to provide a base drawing for use by engineers and architects. They illustrate the physical features and constraints affecting development of a site. Design Surveys generally include boundary re-establishments, easement locations, man-made and natural features, elevations, contours, and utility locations. Specific items can be omitted or added as appropriate for each individual project.

Construction Surveys

California Civil Design Group, Inc. has extensive construction survey experience. We provide rough and finish grade staking for all phases of construction and as-builts of completed work.


The ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Standards have been jointly adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). These standards were developed as a collective effort in order to create an accepted and recognized legal document that presents particular nformation in detail and exactness for acceptance by title insurance companies. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are recommended for commercial transactions in which extended coverage is required and/or where extremely detailed information is needed.

Tract & Parcel Maps

Various methods are used for the subdivision of real property, including Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Parcel Map Waivers, Lot Line Adjustments, and Gift Deeds. California Civil Design Group, Inc. provides surveys to locate existing improvements for the preparation of these subdivisions and associated documentation.

Aerial Surveys

A significant amount of topographic mapping is done by means of aerial photogrammetry, which uses stereoscopic pairs of photographs taken from aircraft and, more recently, from artificial earth satellites. Horizontal and vertical ground surveys must appear in the photographs. These photos are then reconstituted into stereo models for drafting true-scale maps. Precise cameras are required, and precision-mapping equipment is used to depict natural and artificial objects in true position and to show true elevations for all points in the mapped area. California Civil Design Group, Inc. incorporates sophisticated network designs to ensure accurate aerial target positions for aerial survey projects.